I recently put out a call for guest posts – if you have something to say about writing or the publishing industry, I’d like to hear about it and share it with my readers. Eddie Rotten, a very good friend of mine answered the call and told me about why he writes. Knowing you’d love to read it as well, I’ve decided to share it with you as well! Without further ado…


I’m going to do a little guest post for the mighty Sirens Call Publications. (Editor’s Note: While I am Co-Owner of Sirens Call Publications, this is my personal blog). I ‘LOVE’ to write. And because of that love, I’ve spent many nights staying up late, just making sure the ideas in my head seep out to the screen so I won’t forget them. I used to do sticky notes, and then all those little yellow and pink bastards would be up all over the place. But I’ve moved on to the responsible/irresponsible thing, and just do it. My wife and kids suffer sometimes. Like when it’s my night to clean the kitchen, but I’m stuck to my seat grinding my teeth on a gory part of my story. I’ve definitely become a better typist throughout this ordeal. My WPM rate is probably through the roof. Not counting my use of the ‘delete’ button. My pinky finger has callouses on it now because of that damn key.

Writing horror has caused my dream patterns to change too. I used to dream only about abduction. Then I dreamed about bloody abduction. Then I dreamed about being abducted to save me from zombies. There are others too, but the more I let you into my mind; the further you’d probably step away. As writers, I think we all have that problem. We are able to imagine things more vividly. We actually follow through with our imagination. Not necessarily with guns or knives killing people literally, but on paper. The reader gets to experience parts of our subconscious without feeling the guilt of actual crime, or good deed. This makes us immortal. We are much more than humans. We are aliens.

My blog at www.eddierotten.com has become an entity. An umbrella that houses many other projects. Everything from story writing, to making friends online, to even doing voice over work for other horror minded people around the world. It has opened more doors and adventures for me than I ever thought possible. For that, I’m thankful for the over active, annoying, persistent, narcissistic, gamble of an imagination that I’ve been given…. For free. People often ask me, as I’m sure they ask you, “Why do you put so much on your plate?” Because it makes me happy. That’s why.

Please visit me at www.eddierotten.com. Listen to my podcast on iTunes under ZOMBIE LIFE PODCAST. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to email me your wildest fantasies so I can write about them in my zombie book: eddierotten101(at)gmail(dot)com.

As the ever growing community of ZOMBIE FIGHT CLUB (ZFC) MEMBERS SAY.




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