One of the special features of The Sirens Call is our comparative flash addition. The premise is simple: after gazing upon a specific photograph, you write 300 words that have been inspired by that photograph. This was the photograph:

And here are the 300 words I wrote after studying it:


It was just a simple movement. Her head came into contact with the fence post in what seemed like a cruelly ironic twist of fate. I saw it for what it was; a subtly explicit cry for help.

I could help.

But I won’t.

The walk has been long and isolating, even if I did help there would be nowhere for us to go. Instead I follow along silently, mimicking the sheep all around.

I don’t know where we are going. I think, deep down, I don’t want to know. Chet is brutal sometimes and the malice he exudes rubs off a bit. I can feel where it has already stained my soul.

She struggles again, trying desperately to free herself from the twisted twine that holds her captive. In the fading light, I can see the abraded nubs of milky skin in stark relief to the angry crimson of the bands that encircle her wrists. Raw, like hamburger.
I’m suddenly ravenous. Are we there yet? It’s taking too long.

My jumbled mind consumes the thoughts of pain and violence my memories feed me. One delectable morsel after another. With my mind sated on remembered hurt, I now crave new pain to file away for those dark moments of need.

A sharp jerk and she stumbles to the ground. Her ardent shriek of pain hungrily swallowed by my evil. I offer a hand, hauling her back to her feet as if to say see, I’m the nice one.

The look on her face expresses distrust.

I know I am a monster for helping, but I’m not the monster. That’s Chet and he’s all evil.

I reach out to tenderly brush her dark hair away from the tear stained face, the umbilical of the tether slack.

“Please don’t hurt me, Chet…”

If you’re interested in reading the other 2 flash fiction pieces written with this photograph in mind, you can find them all in the second issue of The Sirens Call. The eZine is packed full of Indie fiction, photography and original artwork. Subscriptions are $6 for a year (which is 6 issues). It’s a great deal!


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